What is FoF

What is Friends of Friends?

Friends of Friends is charitable organization helping residents of South Whidbey with uncovered medical expenses.

Friends of Friends serves people who live on South Whidbey; that is, in Zip Codes 98236, 98260, 98249, and 98253. If you get your mail elsewhere but are a full-time resident of one of those areas, you may still be eligible for help.

Friends of Friends sets dollar limits on how much we can help any one individual over the course of a year in order to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

Friends of Friends does not reimburse individuals for bills already paid. We make no direct payments to individuals, but pay only providers of medical services such as health professionals, hospitals, labs, or pharmacies, and to the ferry system for medically necessary travel.

Friends of Friends helps with dental needs only in situations with medical implications, and covers only those complementary or alternative medical therapies with a proven record of efficacy when used for a specific medical condition.

Friends of Friends provides services to residents of South Whidbey without regard to race, gender, age, ethnic background, or sexual preference.

Friends of Friends volunteers are not caseworkers, do not give medical advice, and cannot make medical referrals.