Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund

...temporary shelter from medical hardship

Current Events
Mr. South Whidbey Pageant 2018

Vote OnlineView larger imageThe 13th Annual
Mr. South Whidbey Pageant
Freeland Hall. Oct 6, 2018 7 p.m.

Your 2018 Mr. South Whidbey is Larry Johnson!!!!! Congrats Larry and thank you to ALL of our candidates for your amazing effort and dedication to our cause. We are forever grateful! Friends helping friends!

Visit our Photo Gallery for the 2018 event photos as well as past Mr. South Whidbey Pageants.

The Magic Change Jar

The Magic Change Jar at the Clyde Theater snack bar is periodically dedicated to Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund. The Clyde, Island Athletic Club, Lindsay Communications, and Anonymous match every patron donation up to $250 for each business, turning every dollar placed in that jar into $4 and raising funds for your favorite non-profits on a rotating basis. FoF is grateful to be a recipient of this generous matching fund.

The Friends of Friends’ Story

Video courtesy of The Whidbey Institute

Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund is a community-supported fund offering financial help to South Whidbey residents with medically-related expenses they cannot afford to pay. Friends of Friends limits its assistance to those who live in Clinton, Freeland, Langley, and Greenbank neighborhoods.

Friends of Friends serves as a community safety net, easing the burden of unexpected medical expenses. We can help with:

Friends of Friends is guided by an all-volunteer board and one part-time paid service coordinator who performs intake evaluations and authorizes payment for services.

Friends of Friends was started in 1997. In its first ten years, the organization helped about one thousand people with a little less than $400,000 in medical expenses. Now celebrating its 20th year, FoF has distributed over a million dollars in donations, all raised from within the generous South Whidbey community, to help over 2000 of our neighbors with medical expenses.